Hong Kong Triathlon Association 香港三項鐵人總會
2011 Race Calendar

Hong Kong Triathlon Association

2011 Race Calender

Event Venue Event Date Fallback Date 
Duathlon Series - Race 1 Chong San Road 30 Jan  6 March 
Duathlon Series - Race 2 and TriKids Duathlon Championships Chong San Road 13 Feb  20 March 
Duathlon Series - Race 3 Bride's Pool Road 13 March  27 March 
Aquathon Series - Race 1 Kwoloon Tsai Park 10 April 17 April
Festival of Sport - Age Group Triathlon Plover Cove 8 May 22-May
Aquathon Series - Race 2 Golden Beach 29-May 5-Jun
Age Group Triathlon and TriKids Triathlon Championships Chong San Road 12 June 19 June
Aquathon Series - Race 3  Repulse Bay Beach  10 July  17 July 
Aquathon Series - Race 4 Discovery Bay 21-Aug 28-Aug

2XTRI - Double Triathlon
(Organized by Revolution Asia; Sanctioned by Tri HK)

Science Park 28-Aug  
Splash'n Dash Aquathon Series - Race 1 (postponed)
(Organized by Revolution Asia; Sanctioned by Tri HK)
South Bay Beach 18-Sep  
2011 Hong Kong National Triathlon Championships Plover Cove 9 Oct N/A
Splash'n Dash Aquathon Series - Race 2 (postponed)
(Organized by Revolution Asia; Sanctioned by Tri HK)
Pak Shek Kok Promenade 23-Oct  
Aquathon Series - Race 5 South Bay Beach 6 Nov 13 Nov
Splash'n Dash Aquathon Series - Race 3 (postponed)
(Organized by Revolution Asia; Sanctioned by Tri HK)
Repulse Bay Beach  13-Nov  
 *Please note that the above date and venue are tentative.   All events are subject to change.
The Hong Kong Triathlon Association organizes Duathlon, Aquathon and Triathlon races throughout the year. 
Tri HK also sanctions races so as to promote multi-sports in Hong Kong. If you are interested to have your event
sanctioned by us or have your events posted on our web site, please feel free to contact us.
# Similar to last year, 2011 Tri HK members enroll in Tri HK specific races* this year, you are eligible to enter the 
Grand Lucky Draw, and win prizes, during our Annual Awards Ceremony to be held at the end of 2011!
* The specific races are:
- 4 Aquathon Series (Aquathon Series Race 2-5)
- Age Group Sprint Triathlon and TriKids Triathlon Championships (Chong San Road)
- 2011 Hong Kong National Triathlon Championships (For Age Groupers only)

Total: 6 races

Last Update: 31 Aug 2011

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