Hong Kong Triathlon Association 香港三項鐵人總會
Benefit & Obligation


  1. Affiliated Clubs will receive monthly Tri HK newsletter by email.
  2. The Tri HK will, upon request, organise introductory Seminars on triathlon, duathlon and Aquathon for Affiliated Clubs.
  3. The Tri HK will send Affiliated Clubs frequent updates on local and overseas races, training and coaching courses.
  4.  Affiliated Clubs will be provided with a page on the Tri HK web site through which they may publicize their activities.
  5. Affiliated Clubs will be invited to place notices on the Notice Board of the monthly Tri HK newsletter.
  6. The Tri HK will, upon request, forward to its membership information received by e-mail about the activities of Affiliated Clubs.
  7. The Tri HK will, according to criteria to be agreed, sanction triathlon, duathlon and Aquathon races organised by Affiliated Clubs.
  8. The Tri HK Development Officer will assist with priority booking of training facilities, such as swimming pool lanes and bicycle trainers, on behalf of Affiliated Clubs.


  1. Affiliated Clubs will actively promote the sports of triathlon, duathlon and Aquathon by:

    1.1.  Distributing information about Tri HK races, training and coaching courses to its members;

    1.2.  Sending individual members to assist as officials in Tri HK events;

    1.3.  Organizing at least one training course or triathlon, duathlon or Aquathon race each year for its members.

  2. Affiliated Clubs will submit to the Tri HK, upon application for affiliation and subsequently in June and December of each year, a pro-forma report, detailing their membership and activities during the past half year.
  3.  Affiliated Clubs have at least 20 registered members (including one triathlon coach who is certified by Tri HK.
  4. Affiliated Clubs will pay annual Club Affiliation Fee of HK$1,200.
  5. The affiliated club has to purchase the insurance of public liability(identified the location and nature of the training) compulsory after the admission of affiliated club.


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