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Application Procedure




The purpose of this document is to set out the requirement for application for affiliated club of Hong Kong Triathlon Association. The procedure and requirement for the Application of affiliated club is subject to modification if necessary.


Procedure for Application of Affiliated Club

Sports Clubs applying for the affiliated club of Hong Kong Triathlon Association should submit an application letter to Hong Kong Triathlon Association office together with the following documents:


A.          A copy of the Registered Society Certificate of the Club,

B.          The Club’s Constitution or Article and Memorandum,which should include the plan and goals on
developing triathlon

C.          The committee members list & The correspondence address of the Club,

D.         Total number of club’s members and coaches with their qualification (please attach the copy of

        the certificate, and there must have at least 1 registered Tri HK Triathlon coach)

E.          A members list with at least 20 Tri HK registered members


F.         Past record of participation in activities or competition which held by Hong Kong Triathlon

        Association, and also submit next half year plan of which will hold by your club e.g. activities,

        training or competition


G.    The affiliated club has to purchase the insurance of public liability compulsory after the admission

        of affiliated club. (All training venue where have to been endorsed by Tri HK must

        be mentioned in the statement)


H.    Annual affiliation fee of $1,200 (By cheque, payable to 「Hong Kong Triathlon Association Limited」-
       Validity of affiliation commences on 1st January and end on 31st December each year.





1. New applications or renewal of membership shall be vetted by the Club Sub-committee of The
Hong Kong Triathlon Association, whom will submit a nominated list to the Executive Committee
for endorsement.


2. Once being admitted to affiliated club, the Club will receive a document regards to the “Benefit
and Obligation of Tri HK Affiliated Club”. If it is no objection, please sign the name with official
chop and send it with copy of insurance back to Tri HK office within 1 month. After we have
received the reply, we should send a formal letter to the sports club for the acceptance of being
Tri HK affiliated club


3.  Renewal of membership - If affiliated clubs did not paid up the affiliation fee, did not have 20
paid up Tri HK members or did not have at least 1 registered Triathlon Coach will have their
affiliation suspended for the first year, and have to reapply for affiliation if any of the above
situation happens in 2 consecutive years.



4.  Started since 1 January 2012, all new affiliated clubs must submit the half yearly report to Tri HK during the first two years (usually twice a year).  In the following three areas of scoring table, affiliated clubs have to achieve at least one mark per criteria, and there should be an improvement in the second year (for more details, please refer to the scoring table for half yearly report)
i.  Officiating for Tri HK events
ii. Coaching of Tri HK courses or affiliated clubs’ courses
iii. Athletes Participation
The newly affiliated clubs will be evaluated by the Clubs Sub-committee during the first two years.  Evaluation will mainly focus on the half yearly report to assess the level of involvement, ratio between clubs’ members and usage of swimming lanes.  In the first two years after successful affiliation, affiliated clubs would be in a lower priority for applying LCSD swimming lanes (Main/Secondary/Training pool).
Should you require any further information, please contact us at 25048282.

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