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Elite & pre-Elite Squad Time Trials
Elite & pre-Elite Squad Time Trials
Squad Time Trials will be held during March 2013. The schedule is set out below. No other Time Trials are planned until October 2013.  This Time Trial is only intended for those wishing to be promoted between Squads and for new comers. Athletes are asked to complete the entry form and send it back to TriHK, by whatever means, to arrive no later than 20 March 2013 (Wed).  For any enquiries, please call TriHK on 2504-8282 during office hours.
Report Time
23 March
08 : 00 am
07 : 45 am
Plover Cove Country Park Visitor Center
24 March
08 : 00 am
07 : 45 am
HKSI Track
24 March
11 : 00 am
10 : 45 am
HKSI Pool (New Swimming Pool)
Scholarship qualifying times have been scrapped. In future, the National Squad qualifying times will serve only as a baseline for Scholarship. The Head Coach will recommend who should receive Scholarship based on factors such as attitude, long-term commitment and performance in training and racing. Such recommendations, which will be quantified in the form of a scoring table, will be passed to the Selection Committee for consideration and approval.  
Drafting in the bike test is NOT allowed. Anyone found doing so, will forfeit their bike test on that day. In all tests only equipment and apparel that is legal for Olympic Distance ITU events will be allowed. In the event of mechanical problem or accident during the bike test, the athlete may stop and return to the start to retake the test. The bike test is mandatory for those targeting the National Squad only. All Time Trials will be organized by the Head Coach and his team. The results will be collated by the TriHK office and posted on the TriHK web site on the following Monday.
If either the Typhoon Signal 3 or higher or Red Rainstorm Warning or higher is hoisted 2 hours prior to the scheduled start of the time trial, it will be automatically postponed to another day, to be announced in due course. The Head Coach or his delegate reserves the right to delay the start of a time trial or postpone it to another day in other adverse weather conditions.

Last Update: 13 Mar 2013
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