Hong Kong Triathlon Association 香港三項鐵人總會
Triathlon Training Course/Age Grouper
We are actively promote the sports of triathlon to public and community.  By organizing different kind of training course like Grassroot development programme, Young Athlete Triathlon Training Scheme.  The utilimate goal is to introduce the triathlon to the public, providing triathlon foundational training, and encouraging the public to participate in triathlon activities.  Apart from National and Regional Squad Training, Hong Kong Triathlon Association also organizes Age Group training sessions. Please click the following link for more information of the activities.

1. Grassroot Development Programme 2013/2014 - Phase I (Training for Kids/Youth/Adult)  [New]

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2.  Hong Kong Triathlon Talent Search - Recruitment Day (13/7)  [New]
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3.  Age Grouper Triathlon Swim Training Schedule (July - Aug 2013)   [New]

Please be reminded to renew your 2013 membership (existing members) or send us your 
membership application
(new members) before joining Age Grouper Triathlon Swim Training.


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