Hong Kong Triathlon Association 香港三項鐵人總會
Notice to members
Dear Members
Attached for Members' perusal and for the coming EGM is a final version (both clean copy and marked up copy of the last version released to Members on 27 August 2012) of the amended Memorandum and Articles of Association of TriHK for consideration and passing at the EGM. This final version has adopted and reflected the views and comments raised by our Members at the four (4) consultation forums or via emails.
The major changes in this final version include, but not limited to, Article 17 (ExCom Structure), Article 23 (Term of Office),  Article 24 (Election), Article 25 (Replacement), Article 28 (Standing Committee), Article 30 (Disciplinary Committee), Article 31 (Appeals Committee) which are the prime concern of most Members.
Changes to Article 19 (Secretary), Article 22 (Eligibility), Article 26 (Vacation of Office), Article 34 (Attendance), Article 45 (Quorum), Article 49 (Voting Procedure), Article 54 (Banking) and Article 62 (Honorary Vice-Presidents) were also made to reflect Members' requests and suggestions.
Other corresponding changes to the Articles are consequential and for tidy up and consistency purposes.
A Chinese translation with track changes of the final version is also enclosed for Members' easy reading and reference only.
A brief summary setting out Members' comments on the previous amended version of the Memorandum and Articles and feedback from Constitution Committee are also attached for Members' information.
In this constitution review exercise, Constitution Committee has performed its best to address Members' concerns in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and it is hoped that a balance of interests among Members is able to be maintained.
Thank you for your support throughout, and see you all in the EGM.
Constitution Committee
20 September 2012     
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