Hong Kong Triathlon Association 香港三項鐵人總會
Letter from Secretary

13 September 2012




Dear Members


I attach for your attention a Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Hong Kong Triathlon Association Limited (TriHK) to be held at Olympic House on 5 October 2012 (Friday) at 7:00pm whereby it is proposed to amend the Memorandum and Articles of Association of TriHK.


The reason for the proposed amendments is to update TriHK’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, clarify areas of ambiguity and contradictions, maintain consistency of all laws and by-laws, and rationalize the electoral process, in recognition of the evolution of TriHK over recent years, particularly with reference to the growth of its membership of both individuals and clubs.


For your ease of reference, I attach an explanatory note prepared by the Chairman of the Constitution Sub-committee, Ms Chui Lai Ho, on the proposed amendments.

Please confirm by email to Ms Angela Wong (TriHK) angela.wong@triathlon.com.hk or by phone at 2504 8282 if you intend to attend this Extraordinary General Meeting.


Yours sincerely


Janice Lee








 Explanatory Note

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