Hong Kong Triathlon Association 香港三項鐵人總會
Notice of Members' Forum
All Members are invited to a Members’ Forum to be held on 14 September (Friday) at  7:00 pm in Olympic House to discuss, raise and answer any queries and concerns on the proposed changes to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of TriHK (the “Articles”). 
Three(3) Explanatory Sessions on the underlying principle, rationale and reasons of the proposed changes are initiated by the Constitution Committee, and offered to the officials and members of our 30 affiliated Club Members. These Sessions have been scheduled to be take place on 31 August (Friday),  5 September (Wednesday) and 6 September (Thursday) respectively at 7:00 pm in Olympic House.  Interested Members please contact their Clubs or TriHK office for reservations.
Members are also welcome to give comments on the proposed amendments to the Articles if they are unable to attend the Forum. Please feel free to send in your views (in English or Chinese) by email to the Constitution Committee Chairman, Ms. Chui Lai Ho at laiho.84@gmail.com on or before 14 September. To safeguard senders’ data privacy, the sender’s relevant data such as name and email address and/or contact numbers, where provided, will be removed when releasing their submissions among other Constitution Committee members. If you do not wish your submission and/or your name and/or your Clubs to be disclosed, please state so when making your submission.
An Explanatory Notes to the proposed changes and a clean copy of the Articles, in both English and Chinese versions are available and attached herewith. A mark-up version of the Articles showing the changes made is also available for reference. Hard copies of the above can be collected by Members from TriHK office on request.
After Members’ views have been heard at the Forum and necessary changes are made to the current draft documents where appropriate, a final draft will be submitted and approved by Members at an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on 5 October 2012. Thereafter, an engrossed form of the Articles will be filed at the Companies Registry for purpose of statutory compliance before taking effect.
Chui Lai Ho, Janice Lee, Erik Chan, Andrew Patrick
Constitution Committee
27 August 2012
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