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2008 OSIM Singapore International Triathlon Asian Cup

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2008 OSIM Singapore International Triathlon Asian Cup (12 July 2008)


Hong Kong Triathletes have won 2 Silver medals & 1 Bronze in the OSIM SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL TRIATHLON 2008.  


Race result & details for the Sprint Triathlon Race on 12 July 2008:  

750m Sea Swim (1 lap), 20k Bike (2 laps) & 5k Run (1 lap)


Elite Male Junior:

Arthur Cheung Tak Hei had a good swim and came out in 4th. He cycled with 1 athlete (SIN) & 3rd off the bike. On the run Arthur was passed 1athlete (CHN) & finished in 2nd position.


Official Result:

1st Zheng Wanda - 1:03:24 CHN 

2nd Arthur Cheung Tak Hei - 1:04:15 HKG 張德熙

3rd Joash Chong Jing Xiong - 1:06:44 SIN

4th Alan Chan Chun Lung - 1:07:56 HKG

6th Tony Wong Ho Him - 1:08:15 HKG

13th Lo Kin Cheung - 1:15:27 HKG 

Elite Female Junior:

Leanne & Kimberley were the 3rd & 4th came out of water, around 50sec. behind the leader. Vincci was 5th and around 30sec. behind Leanne. 

For cycling, Leanne was the 2nd off the bike, 9 sec. later was Kimberley, another 5sec. followed by Vinnci. 

Finally, Erin (AUS) was the winner, Vincci placed 2nd, then Leanne came 3rd and 5th for Kimberley. 


Official Result:

1st Erin Gangelhoff - 1:08:56 AUS

2nd Vincci Hui  - 1:13:00 HKG       許煒森

3rd Leanne Szeto - 1:13:20 HKG  司徒兆殷

5th Kimberly Kwan - 1:17:11 HKG




Race result & details for today Olympic Distance of Elite Male:

1.5k Sea Swim (2 laps), 40k Bike (6 laps) & 10k Run (2 laps)


The race was the hardest swim starts for Andrew & Samuel. Including top triathletes Courtney Atkinson & James Seear from Australia.


Andrew had a solid swim & come out in 2nd pack of 3rd to 8th position, which was around 1 min 30 sec. behind the leader. Samuel was around 1 min 20 sec. behind Andrew.

At the 2nd lap of bike, Andrew was in the 3rd pack with 4 athletes, Samuel was 1 min 40 sec. behind Andrew. In the 5th lap Samuel's pack was caught Andrew up.  They were started the run together. Andrew dropped out of the race after 2km running. Samuel finished in 10th of Elite Male.


Unofficial Result:

1st Courtney Atkinson - 1:54:24 AUS

2nd James Seear - 1:56:45 AUS

3rd Joshua Peter McHugh 1:57:13 AUS

10th Samuel Leung 2:11:42 HKG

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