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ITU BG World Junior Champs.
Press Release
Event Name                     :       ITU BG World Junior Champs.
Event Date                       :       5 JUNE 2008
Venue                              :       Vancouver/ Canada
In Vancouver today Leanne Szeto and Ivan Lo competed in the 2008 Triathlon World Championships over a 750m-sea swim (1lap), 20k bike (4laps) and 5k run (2 x 2.5k laps). In the Female Elite Junior category 57 triathletes from over 26 Countries competed in the event and in the Male event there were 65 triathletes from 30 Countries.
Extreme weather conditions of 12OC water temperature, <10oc air temperature and heavy rain made the event very difficult for all triathletes.
Also, Ivan was not 100% because he had been fighting a cold since arriving in Canada.
Leanne and Ivan both came out of the water near the back of their respective swims. However, Leanne came out of the water and onto the bike with a small group of 4 triathletes who she stayed with for the whole bike but Ivan was on his own over 20 secs behind the closest triathlete
Leanne finished the bike in 47th position, whereas Ivan on the 3rd lap of the bike was caught by the lead cycle pack and pulled off the course.
Leanne had a steady run and finished in 50 position IN 1:13:02
See results on ITU web site.
Junior Women:
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