Hong Kong Triathlon Association 香港三項鐵人總會
National Squad Personal Sponsors Logo Policy
Logos of Personal Sponsors on Race Kit
Space is allocated on the front of National Squad race kit under the country code, for the display of up to three (3) logos of personal sponsors. Athletes will be asked to make their requests at the beginning each calendar year.
The following fall outside the scope of personal sponsors and as such will not be allowed:
1.       Clubs, sports teams and athlete management companies; and
2.       Personal sponsors that are in conflict with sponsors serving the whole Squad or TriHK; and
3.       Personal sponsors that are in conflict with the services provided by TriHK or HKSI.
It should be noted that the display of personal sponsors’ logo on race kit is a privilege that is extended to National Squad triathletes, it is not a right. This privilege may be withheld from triathletes who fail to cooperate with this policy or with their National Squad obligations or their obligations under the terms of National Squad sponsors. In order to avoid issues arising due to conflicts, triathletes are requested to keep TriHK informed about their personal sponsors.
When racing in international events, National Squad triathletes are representing Hong Kong, China and the Hong Kong Triathlon Association. In local races organized by the TriHK they are representing TriHK and (if applicable) an affiliated Club of their choice. For those athletes at school or university, they may also represent their scholastic institution. All racing should be approved in advance by the Head Triathlon Coach. Unless, exceptional approval has been requested and granted, athletes are not permitted to represent any other organizations. When representing TriHK, triathletes are required to wear their National Squad race kit. In non-TriHK local athletes are free to choose what race kit to wear.  
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